Accessibility & Compliance

Alcatel Electronic Recycling Program

Alcatel is pleased to announce a green initiative that allows customers to return their old and unwanted mobile devices (e.g. phones, tablets) to protect the environment from harm and to reuse the precious materials each electronic device contains. The Alcatel e-waste recycling program is FREE and anyone can take advantage of this service.

Alcatel works closely with the Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company (MRM) to offer the Nationwide Mailback Program with which consumers can generate a pre-paid shipping label to return your unwanted phones and tablets for recycling at no charge to you. To learn more about e-waste recycling opportunities in your area, please visit MRM web site.

Alcatel recommends that you do the following prior to shipping/dropping off your unwanted devices. Note that Alcatel assumes no responsibility for loss or confidentiality of personal data on equipment.
a. Back up your data
b. Remove your sim and memory cards
c. Erase your personal data by performing a Factory Data Reset.

Please refer to your User Manual or contact our Call Center (within USA) at 1-855-368-0829 for further assistance.
For information on how to recycle electronics, click on the name of your state or your state’s recycling authority below.

MRM Recycling Program by State (where applicable) State Recycling Authority
ALABAMA Alabama Department of Environmental Management
ALASKA Alaska Division of Environmental Health Solid Waste Program
ARIZONA Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
ARKANSAS Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
CALIFORNIA California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery
COLORADO Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
CONNECTICUT Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection
DELAWARE Delaware Solid Waste Authority
FLORIDA Florida Department of Environmental Protection
GEORGIA Georgia Department of Community Affairs
HAWAII Hawaii’s Department of Health
IDAHO Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
ILLINOIS Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
INDIANA Indiana Department of Environmental Management
IOWA Iowa Department of Natural Resources
KANSAS Kansas Department of Health and Environment
KENTUCKY Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection
LOUISIANA Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
MAINE Maine Department of Environmental Protection
MARYLAND Maryland Department of the Environment
MASSACHUSETTS Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
MICHIGAN Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
MINNESOTA Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
MISSISSIPPI Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
MISSOURI Missouri Department of Natural Resources
MONTANA Montana Department of Environmental Quality
NEBRASKA Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
NEVADA Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
NEW HAMPSHIRE New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
NEW JERSEY New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
NEW MEXICO New Mexico Environment Department Solid Waste Bureau
NEW YORK New York Department of Environmental Conservation
NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina Division of Waste Management
NORTH DAKOTA North Dakota Department of Health Waste Management
OHIO Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
OKLAHOMA Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
OREGON Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
RHODE ISLAND Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
SOUTH CAROLINA South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
SOUTH DAKOTA South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources
TENNESSEE Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation
TEXAS Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
UTAH Utah Department of Environmental Quality
VERMONT Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
VIRGINIA Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
WASHINGTON Washington Department of Ecology
WEST VIRGINIA West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board
WISCONSIN Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
WYOMING Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Solid and Hazardous Waste Division