Accessibility & Compliance

IEEE 1725 Notification

User Interactions and Responsibilities To respect Section 8.1 of CTIA IEEE1725 CRD document:

  • Do not disassemble or open crush, bend or deform, puncture or shred.
  • Do not modify or remanufacture, attempt to insert foreign objects into the battery, immerse or expose to water or other liquids, expose to fire, explosion or other hazard.
  • Only use the battery for the system for which it is specified.
  • Only use the battery with a charging system that has been qualified with the system per this standard. Use of an unqualified battery or charger may present a risk of fire, explosion, leakage, or other hazard.
  • Do not short circuit a battery or allow metallic conductive objects to contact battery terminals.
  • Replace the battery only with another battery that has been qualified with the system per this standard, IEEE-Std-1725-2006/2011. Use of an unqualified battery may present a risk of fire, explosion, leakage or other hazard.
  • Promptly dispose of used batteries in accordance with local regulations.
  • Battery usage by children should be supervised.
  • Avoid dropping the phone or battery. If the phone or battery is dropped, especially on a hard surface, and the user suspects damage, take it to a service center for inspection.
  • Improper battery use may result in a fire, explosion or other hazard.

Compliant Models

FCC ID Models IEEE Std 1725 Version
RAD149 OT-981A IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD154 one touch 803A IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD155 one touch 665A IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD158 one touch 990A IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD159 one touch 990S IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD161 one touch 901A IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD162 one touch 901S IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD166 one touch 356 IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD169 one touch 908A IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD170 one touch 908S IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD172 one touch 813A IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD173 one touch 888A IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD183 one touch 909S IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD184 one touch 909A IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD209 JukeB IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD210 one touch 909B IEEE-Std-1725-2006
RAD214 one touch 995A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD217 one touch 282A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD218 one touch 918A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD231 one touch 995S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD237 one touch 985A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD239 one touch 985S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD243 ONE TOUCH 902A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD244 ONE TOUCH 902S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD245 one touch 870A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD246 one touch 871S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD247 A382G IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD251 ONE TOUCH 916A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD253 Alcatel OT510A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD254 ONE TOUCH 991A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD256 ONE TOUCH 991S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD259 ONE TOUCH 358 IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD260 one touch 918S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD264 Alcatel OT871A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD267 ONE TOUCH 668A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD278 ONE TOUCH 960C IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD284 ONE TOUCH 988 IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD285 Juke-A556C IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD288 ONE TOUCH 768T IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD291 A205G IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD296 ONE TOUCH 875T IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD313 ONE TOUCH 6030A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD327 ONE TOUCH 6033A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD330 ONE TOUCH 8008W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD348 ALCATEL A392G, A392A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD356 ONE TOUCH 5020W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD361 Alcatel A851L IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD372 ONE TOUCH 6033Q IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD386 ONE TOUCH 7024W, ONE TOUCH 7024N IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD393 ONE TOUCH 5020T, ONE TOUCH 5020N IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD422 ALCATEL A383G IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD425 ONE TOUCH EVO 7HD (Module:one touch M600Q) IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD426 ONE TOUCH TAB 7 IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD436 4015T IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD451 ONE TOUCH P310A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD471 A845L IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD472 A995L IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD475 7040T, 7040N, 7040R IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD476 A564C IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD477 A206G IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD483 4037T, 4037N, 4037R IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD492 8030B IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD506 2017B, 2017P IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD527 A205G-B, A207BG IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD528 A846L IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD534 A521L IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD535 A520L IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD540 A460G IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD547 6039S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD549 A463BG,A464BG IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD552 ALCATEL A392T,A392CC IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD558 7048W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
RAD556 1018B IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJA009 A621BL,A621BL-V,A621R IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB001 4037V IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB003 9020A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB005 Y860OA IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB011 5017B IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB013 A462C IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB014 9006W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB026 A622VL,A622GL IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB027 A571VL IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJA013 5054O IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJA002 5042T, 5042N IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN002 6045I IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN003 7046T IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJA002 A450TL IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH027 4028S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB010 9007T IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN005 6045O IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJA008 5054N, 5054W, 5055W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJA006 5065W, 5065N IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH031 5017O IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJA010 5054S,5055S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJA007 4043S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB024 8080 IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB025 8070 IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB040 9002W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB043 5056O IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB039 A570BL, 4060A, 4060O IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB053 5027B IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH055 A466BG IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN009 6071W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB052 9015W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB057 5098S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB062 5056N, 5056W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB065 5056E IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH043 5095I IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJA018 6055U IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB061 5098O IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN010 4044T IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN011 4044W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN012 4044O IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB075 A576BL, 5046G IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB076 A577VL, 5046S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJA021 6060C IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJA024 6060S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH073 5085G IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH077 5085O IEEE-Std-1725-2011
N/A PC01C IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB083 5049S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN023 A405DL IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJBT08 5099A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH086 A502DL IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB101 5059A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH089 5033A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH087 5041C IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH091 5033O IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJBT13 9027W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJBT09 REVVL 2 PLUS 6062Z IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH094 5059Z IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH092 5059R IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH093 REVVL 2 5052W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH096 A503DL IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH099 A501DL IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH100 5008R IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH103 5005R IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH102 5059S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH103 5005R IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB039 A572BG, 4060W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB058 A573VC IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB071 MW41TM IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB075 A576CC, A576RW, 5146G IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB079 5044R, A574BL, 5044C IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB089 5049Z, 5049W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJB090 5044G, 5044S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJBT01 9024W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJBT09 6062W IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJBT16 9029W, 9029G, 9029Z IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH056 5045I IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH072 5085C IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH089 5033M IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH090 5060A IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJH110 5033Q IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN008 6070O IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN012 4044L IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN030 4051S IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN031 4052R, 4052C IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN032 4052W, 4052Z IEEE-Std-1725-2011
2ACCJN033 4053S IEEE-Std-1725-2011