Accessibility & Compliance

Hearing Aid Compatibility with Mobile Phones

When some mobile phones are used near some hearing devices (hearing aids and cochlear implants), user may detect a buzzing, humming, or whining noise. Some hearing devices are more sensitive than others to this interference noise, and phones also vary in the amount of interference they generate.

The wireless telephone industry has developed ratings for some of their mobile phones to assist hearing device users in finding phones that may be compatible with their hearing devices. Not all phones have been rated. Phones that are rated have the rating on their box or a label on the box.

The chart below shows the HAC Rating for each of Alcatel’s devices.

The ratings are not guarantees. Results will vary depending on the user’s hearing device and hearing loss. If your hearing device happens to be vulnerable to interference, you may not be able to use a rated phone successfully. Trying out the phone with your hearing device is the best way to evaluate it for your personal needs.

M-Ratings: Phones rated M3 or M4 meet FCC requirements and are likely to generate less interference to hearing devices than phones that are not labeled. M4 is the better/higher of the two ratings.

T-Ratings: Phones rated t3 or T4 meet FCC requirements and are likely to be more usable with a hearing device’s telecoil (“T Switch” or “Telephone Switch”) than unrated phones. T4 is the better/higher of the two ratings. (Note that not all hearing devices have telecoils in them.).

Hearing devices may also be measured for immunity to this type of interference. Your hearing device manufacturer or hearing health professional may help you find results for your hearing device. The more immune your hearing aid is, the less likely you are to experience interference noise from mobile phones.


FCC ID Models Air Interface(s) HAC Rating Reference Standard
RAD106 one touch 800A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD119 one touch 808A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD126 one touch 880A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD130 one touch 980A UMTS M3(GSM) M4(UMTS) ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD133 one touch 802A/ one touch 802YA GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD136 one touch 606A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD138 one touch 806A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD139 one touch 710A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD142 one touch 807Af GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD149 one touch 981 UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD152 one touch 799A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD153 one touch 905A UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD154 one touch 803A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD155 one touch 665A GSM M4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD158 one touch 990A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD159 one touch 990S UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD160 one touch 506A GSM M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD161 one touch 901A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD162 one touch 901S UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD165 one touch 890 GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD166 one touch 356 GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD169 one touch 908A UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD170 one touch 908S UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD172 one touch 813A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD173 one touch 888A GSM M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD178 one touch 585A GSM M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD180 one touch 891 GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD181 one touch 818A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD183 one touch 909S UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD184 one touch 909A UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD188 one touch 819A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD201 one touch 810A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD208 one touch 385JA GSM M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD209 JukeB CDMA M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD210 one touch 909B CDMA M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD213 one touch 390A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD214 one touch 995A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD215 one touch 910A UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD217 one touch 282A GSM M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD218 one touch 918A UMTS M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD230 one TOUCH 595 GSM M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD231 one touch 995S UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD234 one touch 720 GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD235 one touch 720D GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD236 one TOUCH 595 GSM M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD237 one touch 985A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD239 one touch 985S UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD243 one TOUCH 902A UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD244 one TOUCH 902S UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD245 one touch 870A UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD246 one touch 871S UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD247 A382G UMTS M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD251 one touch 916A UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD253 Alcatel OT510A UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD254 one touch 991A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD256 one touch 991S UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD259 one TOUCH 358 GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD260 one touch 918S UMTS M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD264 Alcatel OT871A UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD265 one TOUCH 838 GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD266 one TOUCH 358D GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD267 one TOUCH 668A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD268 Text Edition 262 GSM M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD273 one TOUCH 903A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD277 TCL 5185 GSM M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD278 one TOUCH 960C CDMA M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD284 one TOUCH 988 CDMA M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD285 Juke-A556C CDMA M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD287 one TOUCH 768T UMTS M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD291 A205G UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD296 one TOUCH 875T UMTS M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD308 one touch 815 GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD309 one touch 815D GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD313 one TOUCH 6030A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD315 one TOUCH 4030A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD316 one TOUCH 4030E UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD325 one TOUCH 6010A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD327 one TOUCH 6033A UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD330 one TOUCH 8008W UMTS M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD332 one TOUCH 5035A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD337 ALCATEL 3041G GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD339 ALCATEL 3042G GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD343 one TOUCH 5020A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD348 A392G, A392A UMTS M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD356 one TOUCH 5020W UMTS M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD357 one TOUCH 7030Y LTE M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD361 Alcatel 7030L LTE M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD367 OT-606A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD370 one TOUCH 6040A UMTS M4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD371 one touch 665A GSM M4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD372 one TOUCH 6033Q UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD379 ALCATEL 2001A GSM M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD386 one TOUCH 7024W/ONE TOUCH 7024N UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD388 one TOUCH 4033A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD390 one TOUCH 6012A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD391 one TOUCH 6012E UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD393 one TOUCH 5020T UMTS M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD397 one TOUCH 6032A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD398 one TOUCH 8020A UMTS M4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD405 ALCATEL 3035A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD414 ALCATEL 3020G GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD416 one TOUCH 7040A UMTS M4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD421 ALCATEL 1041A GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD422 ALCATEL A383G UMTS M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD436 one TOUCH 4015T UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD442 4019A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD443 4019M UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD444 4018A/ 4118A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD446 1045D GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD447 1045G GSM M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD449 one TOUCH 6036A LTE M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD453 one TOUCH 4035A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD455 one TOUCH 4036E, 4136E UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD457 one TOUCH 6037A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD458 one TOUCH 6037E UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD463 6016A UMTS M4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD464 6016E UMTS M4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD465 7047A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD471 A845L LTE M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD472 A995L LTE M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD474 one TOUCH 7040F UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD475 7040T,7040R,7040N UMTS M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD476 A564C,A564R CDMA M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD477 A206G UMTS M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD480 3074A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD483 4037T/ 4037N/ 4037R UMTS M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD492 8030B LTE M4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD493 6043A UMTS M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD497 4032A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD506 2017B,2017P, A394C CDMA M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD510 4037A UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD515 4018M UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD520 one TOUCH 7040E UMTS M4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD525 one TOUCH 7042A UMTS M4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD527 A205G-B,A207BG UMTS M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD528 A846L CDMA+LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD529 2004C GSM M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2007
RAD534 A521L LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD535 A520L/ A520R CDMA+LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD536 4045A LTE M4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD540 A460G, A460T UMTS M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD544 6039A LTE M3 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD545 6039J LTE M3 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD546 6039Y LTE M3 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD548 7147E UMTS M4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD549 A463BG UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD551 4045O LTE M3 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD547 6039S LTE M3 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD552 A392T UMTS M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
RAD556 1018B CDMA M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB001 4037V CDMA M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJA002 5042T LTE M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB011 5017B CDMA+LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB013 A462C CDMA M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN002 6045I LTE M3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN003 7046T CDMA+LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJA010 5054S LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN005 6045O LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH031 5017O LTE M3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH027 4028S UMTS M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJA006 5065W, 5065N LTE M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJA008 5054N, 5054W, 5055W LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJA009 A621BL LTE M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB032 5022N UMTS M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB034 7053E LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB027 A571VL, A573VC CDMA+LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB039 A570BL, 4060A, A572BG, 4060W LTE M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB040 9002W UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB043 5056O LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJA007 4043S CDMA+LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB053 5027B CDMA+LTE M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB062 5056N, 5056W LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH043 5095I LTE M4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN009 6071W LTE M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJA018 6055U, 6055A LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH055 A466BG UMTS M3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB065 5056E LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB039 4060O, 4060S LTE M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH056 5045I LTE M4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN008 6070O LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB061 5098O LTE M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB075 A576BL, 5046G LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB076 A577VL, 5046S CDMA+LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB079 5044R, A574BL LTE M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN010 4044T CDMA+LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN011 4044W, 4044N LTE M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN012 4044O, 4044C, 4044L LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN013 4044V LTE M4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN014 4044M LTE M4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB076 A577VL, 5046S CDMA + LTE M4 & T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJA021 6060C LTE M4 & T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
22ACCJH072 5085C LTE M4 & T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH073 5085G LTE M4 & T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH077 5085O LTE M4 & T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB083 5049S CDMA+LTE M4 & T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB089 5049Z, 5049W LTE M4 & T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB090 5044G, 5044S LTE M4 & T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJA024 6060S CDMA+LTE M4 & T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJBT09 6062W GSM M4,T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJBT13 9027W GSM /  
2ACCJH091  5033O   /  
2ACCJB083 5049S CDMA M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH087 5041C GSM M4/T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH092 5059R GSM M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH086  A502DL GSM M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN013 4044V   M4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN023 A405DL   M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJA007 4043S CDMA M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN023 A405DL GSM M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJBT09 6062Z GSM M4,T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH094 5059Z GSM M4/T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH093 5052W GSM M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN030 4051S LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH096 A503DL LTE M4&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH099 A501DL LTE M4&T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH100 5008R LTE M3&T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH102 5059S LTE M3&T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJBT08 5099A, 5099J LTE M3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJBT10 5026D LTE M4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN031 4052R, 4052C LTE M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH103 5005R LTE M4/T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJBT16 9029W, 9029Z,9029G LTE N/A ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN033 4053S LTE M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH099 A501DL LTE M4/T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH096 A503DL LTE M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN032 4052W LTE M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN032 4052Z LTE M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB111 5032W LTE M3/T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH102 5059S LTE M3/T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN030 4051S LTE M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN029 BBE100-5 LTE M4/T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJBT15 9027G LTE N/A ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB111 5032O LTE M3/T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH129 5004R/C LTE M4/T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN035 4052O LTE M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH122 5062W LTE M3/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH122 5062Z LTE M3/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH128 5007W LTE M3/T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH128 5007Z LTE M3/T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJB117 MW43TM LTE N/A ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH120 5002L LTE M4/T3 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJH130 5007S LTE M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011
2ACCJN048 4056W/4056Z LTE M4/T4 ANSIC63.19:2011